Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Vincent Gigante Award

Goes to Rupert Murdoch, currently testifying before a parliamentary committee in Great Britain, and who is putting on a act that is only lacking the public wearing of a bathrobe and slippers.
Rupert Murdoch has apparently lost a great deal of his power of memory, but nature has compensated by endowing him with a vivid imagination. He can surely deploy his new gift in the service of Fox movies. There is the great scene he pitched to Lord Justice Leveson on Wednesday morning where the editor of the Times enters left, closes the door behind him and begs: "Look, tell me what you want to say, what do you want me to say, and it need not leave this room and I'll say it." And our hero proprietor, so famously fastidious about such matters, has to tell Uriah Heep: "That is not my job."

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pansypoo said...

too late, but i will take it.