Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting a little ahead of himself

And yet it's Obama the right is always calling presumptuous (as in, how dare he be black): 
Former Governor Mitt Romney is already offering top donors access to a special "Presidential Inaugural retreat," planned on the assumption that he will be elected president this November.

The offer, in a fundraising email circulated by a top Georgia supporter to fellow Republicans and obtained by BuzzFeed, is one of several goodies offered to those who contribute more than $50,000 to the joint fundraising committee known as "Romney Victory," a program whose outlines were first reported by POLITICO.

Those donors will be named "Founding Members" of Romney Victory and invited to a California retreat with Romney and offered "yet to be determined access at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August."
Souless Robots have an easier time selling themselves than mere humans.


StonyPillow said...

Looks like Restore Our Failure needs to bump up the totals from "small contributors".

Anonymous said...

What's the asking on the Lincoln bedroom?

I know that's a risky question because the Reich-wing went bat-shit crazy when some other president not named Bush did that.

OhSusannah! said...

So Emperor R-money is auditioning members of his future court?

The aristocracy readies itself to take its rightful place above the pe-ons.

Thank heavens they are white and thus cannot be 'uppity'.