Saturday, April 28, 2012

Maybe some more people should look into this?

Boy, when it comes to "sound" decisions nobody ever fucked it up like the Bush II Administration:

Iron Man, whose unit also developed original intelligence on al-Qaeda targets, which determined that the "most likely buildings to be attacked in the U.S." were the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, claimed JFIC was told to stop tracking Bin Laden, suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, and members of the Taliban some months prior to 9/11.
"Iron Man"? Was Cheney's real Secret Service moniker "Nick Fury"?


JDM said...

No, "Casey Donovan."

StonyPillow said...

Rmoney's Restore Our Failure is gonna bring 'em all back so we can have another helping. And no matter what, 40% of American voters are down with that.


pansypoo said...

LIHOP looks plausable. no?

Anonymous said...

But...but...but "he kept us safe."

So saith professional barfly, Peggy Noonan.