Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isn't this the New Jersey equivalent of praising Castro in Miami?

I guess it beats sitting on the couch all day, like he usually does.


Oblios Cap said...

I'm sure Christie tires easily. He's probably out of breathe after 3 steps.

I saw the Boss in Tampa last month. I didn't feel the least bit drowsy.

pansypoo said...

he did have to wedge his fat ass into his seat.

Montag said...

About what I'd expect from the Oliver Hardy of GOP politics.

Probably worn out from a day of abusing teachers and the elderly.

noel said...

I used to have a boss as fat as Christie. He fell asleep at his desk and coughed a lot. A nurse friend told me he probably had congestive heart failure, which results in poor blood flow to the brain and lungs. He did die a few years later at a young age.