Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go get him

So many shoes are dropping on Joe Arpaio you have to wonder if we're dealing with a dessert-based Imelda Marcos.
The Justice Department has given up on settling with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and is planning to sue the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for systematic civil rights abuses of Hispanic residents, a DOJ official indicated in a terse letter to Arpaio’s lawyer on Wednesday. “It is clear that DOJ’s concerted effort to attain voluntary compliance by your client has failed,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division wrote in a letter to Arpaio lawyer Joseph Popolizio obtained by TPM.
Reading the article does not paint Mr. Popolizio in a positive light and makes one wonder if he is not better suited for being fired or embarrassed at a major college athletic program, although he may be missing the all important middle "T" (Patino, Paterno, Petrino, which sounds like a bad parody of something Julius Caesar wrote).


Montag said...

Given that Arpaio's main legal buddy is currently being disbarred, Popolizio is likely just not up to speed yet on the intricacies of defending the indefensible.

Marcellina said...

OK don't hate me for the nitpicking but: it's "desert". If you need a device to remember, think of the "s" as liquid, and desserts are always more moist that deserts.