Monday, April 16, 2012

A worthy question, for which we all know the answer

Early gift-proclaimer Ann Romney, America's second-most famous servant supervisor after Lady Grantham, is having her Birthday Party hosted by infamous Republican "Jew-Counter" (I'm guessing he came to "Eleventy-One") and "Dog Roaster" Fred Malek. Phoenix Woman asks the question and gives the answer:
How many of the folks with establishment-media access who do deign to notice that Fred Malek is hosting her birthday party will bother to mention his main claim to infamy (hint: it doesn’t involve barbecuing dogs)? I suspect the answers will be “not many” and “none at all”.
The latter.

The Romney's and fellow dog-abusers (and in a way abuser of Jews) joining together.


jimintampa said...

Given the difference in time between Jew counting (early 70's) and juvenile dog roasting, Fred Malek may just be a legacy a$$hole carrying on the family traditions.

pansypoo said...


jimmiraybob said...

Didn't W have the same problem; something like pulling the tails off of kittens? I see a trend and apparent early indicator of sociopathic dumbfuckitude.

jimintampa said...

Don't forget the former Kitty Killah of the Senate, Bill Frist (MD)!