Sunday, April 29, 2012


Huzzah, the Republicans have really won!


jimmiraybob said...

It's not a win until the effective percent rises to 98% poor, uneducated, and obligated (body and soul) to a local lord.

Until then, it's just winning.

Montag said...

And, naturally, the deficit hawks believe that the answer to this problem of declining revenues due to declining wages is to tax the poor at higher rates.

It's no longer exaggeration to say that their object is the return of debt peonage and feudal society. And they're getting there, bit by bit.

pansypoo said...

WHEN is the 1% gonna stop making money hands over fist?

Anonymous said...

Republicans are dismayed by this statistic. They feel it's not high enough.

Ever notice how in economic terms they only compare America to third-world places like China and Mexico? And Europe is dismissed as a 'soshulist' mediocrity, so don't pay any attention to their higher living standards and better benefits and infrastructure or you're a "commie".

Harry R. Sohl said...

Whom among us hasn't wondered why they don't just ask their low-wage parents for $200,000 for school and take a risk?

It worked so well for Willard.

~ Harry R. Sohl

Suniverse said...

Ugh. This makes me sick. And want to call into my crappy job on Monday.