Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfidious (to) Albion

A recent survey at the British National Military Museum named George Washington that nation's greatest military foe (how he beat Gorgo or curry is a mystery to me).

But this survey may have been premature, because they are being afflicted with a new set of Americans bringing a new kind of disaster with them:
A Christian charity which sponsored a conference promoting the idea that gay people can be converted to heterosexuality has funded interns for an estimated 20 MPs, including some who are now ministers in the coalition government.

The Christian Action Research and Education charity (Care) has provided staff to the parliamentary offices of Caroline Spelman, Alistair Burt and Steve Webb. In 2009 it sponsored a London conference about homosexuality and Christianity which included sessions on "mentoring the sexually broken".
Looks like Michele and Marcus Bachmann have a reason to inspect the Crown Jewels this Summer.

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pansypoo said...

they kicked out the Puritans for good reason.

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