Thursday, May 03, 2012

I guess it beats "Waste Management"

I know few people give a crap in this country about the football that actually uses the feet almost exclusive, but I'll take my petty ironies where I can get them.

One of the more famous teams in a now decrepit league, the Scottish Premier League, are the Glasgow Rangers...or simply "Rangers". Due to a sport that competes for players internationally and with no monetary controls (free market baby) and a collapsing TV contract (because while people love soccer, they don't love Scottish soccer) they are bankrupt and in administration where they are either bought or collapse.

So who rides to the rescue to get this team out of the ditch?  An American Tow Truck tycoon.

It is like Downton Abbey where everyone is an in-bred cousin of Branson.

I guess it beats Bain Capital.

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Fixer said...

People don't go to Rangers games because they get their ass handed to them by Celtic (also in Glasgow). If you got to see the latest "Old Firm" fixture, you'd know why everybody's moving to the "green" side of town.