Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What's the bigger scandal

The fact that self-proclaimed "everywoman" Ann Romney was wearing a $900 t-shirt -- or that this particularly hideous t-shirt costs $900?

Seriously, what does that depict, parakeet 69ing?

At least Edwards got a decent haircut for his extravagance.


JDM said...

Man of the People Mitch Romnick et ux. Vote for him as Obnoxious Dumb Rich White Guy Least likely To Succeed in Gutting Social Security And Medicare. Unless you want that done by the overtly fascist putative Dem.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Give Me a Job!
Give Me Security!
Give Me a Chance to Survive!

I'm just a Poor Working Woman
Wearing a $900 dollar shirt!

Anonymous said...

A 900 dollar shirt
Two Cadillacs
How many servants?
How many houses?
How many elevators for cars?

You'd think for the Dems this would be like shooting fish in a barrel...

...but knowing the Dems they'll probably manage to shoot themselves in the foot.

pansypoo said...

i am sure it has peasant essence woven in the fabric.

maybe i need to paint t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

That shirt costs more than it is going to cost to replace the gutters on my house. And I am still trying to save up enough to do that. Yeah, she understands my struggles.