Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A place the NRA would love

Sounds like the kind of government they'd love:
An independent MP has called for a crackdown on firearms in Greece amid allegations that a growing number of politicians are carrying weapons. Reports of pistol-carrying deputies entering parliament have added to the febrile mood in a 300-member chamber in which hardcore Marxists sit with fascists, eurocommunists, rightwing populists, conservatives, socialists and an array of independent dissidents. The MP, Nikos Nikolopoulos, told the Guardian he was "deeply worried" by the dramatic rise in requests for weapons licenses by parliamentarians. "I have real concerns that MPs are entering the house with weapons and because of that I asked how, in our temple of democracy, it was possible for deputies to carry guns?"
Who knew austerity would go so well with gunplay...other than everyone ever?


pansypoo said...

how gangsta.

Montag said...

Given Congress' opinion polls of late, I'd doubt that too many people would be distraught if the idea caught on here.

I wonder though--if Congress critters started carrying guns, could they be charged with committing crimes while in possession of firearms?