Friday, December 21, 2012

Holy Crap!

The presser (no questions) of LaPierre had the sheer nuttery turned way past 11.

 The only thing that would have added to the flabbergasted tone-deafness would be if David Vitter's wife was up there in a leopard-skin dress with an AK-15 over her shoulder.

Al Qaeda videos have a more rational message.


jimmiraybob said...

Not to be outdone, I'm calling for a national program of quartering militia's at every school.

I don't think that it would be too difficult to retrofit one or two classrooms to quarter a militia contingent year round. They could train on the sports field and help teach government, politics and the constitution (or as they call it, the second amendment). Funding could come from bake sales and car washes (might have to cut back on the phys ed and sports programs a bit....and music/art....probably some teachers and school nurses).

This is a totally workable plan (first presented at Balloon Juice).

donnah said...

Here is my thought about Wayne LaPierre:

Fuck you, you slimy, rotten bastard, fuck you to hell.

That about covers it.

gratuitous said...

THIS was the best the assembled brain trust of the NRA could do after an entire week of hard thinking?

Okay, here's the way it should be from now on: After 28 people* are killed, if you shrug and say the status quo ante is just fine, then you're out of the discussion. Nobody has to listen to you anymore, and you're not to be taken seriously.

*By the way, I'm all in favor of making sure the weapons get their full due. I understand why most folks want to commemorate only the 26 worthiest victims of the Newtown Massacre, but I don't want to slight the weapons' handiwork in any way, so I'll call it 28 victims. I mean no offense to anyone, and I will take no offense because other people disagree with me.

pansypoo said...

code pink GOT in. i think security is not on wayne's side.

Anonymous said...

Paranoia strikes deep.

Six background checks?

Montag said...

Ah, well, anyone expecting Wayne Fuckin' LaPierre to backtrack on gun control was bound to be sadly disappointed. This guy was going to come up with everything and anything except more controls on military-grade weapons. Which is why his speech was mostly incoherent.

Because at the heart of the problem is the one thing he won't talk about. So, I suppose it was perverse serendipity that news of another gun nut, this time in PA, taking potshots at his neighbors came as LaPierre was in the midst of his firm denial of reality.

LaPierre: "Libruls and lack of national database of mentally ill people kills people!"

Reality: "Fuck you, Wayne."

MarkC said...

What Montag said.