Saturday, December 22, 2012

As usual

Mr. Pierce sums up the whole NRA diatribe succinctly:
The National Rifle Association today held a press conference today at which it was determined that there would be no questions asked or answered, but the organization made it quite clear that they would be open to media questions next week, between Christmas and New Year's. Then they trotted out Wayne LaPierre, who had bats flying out of both ears.


StonyPillow said...

Adam and Nancy Lanza were members of the NRA. I'd bet my last dollar, all my future earnings, and my Social Security on it at any odds. The chances of the sun rising tomorrow look like a longshot in comparison.

LaPierre will also certainly deny it next Friday. The real betting question is, will any member of the media have the stones to ask and make him lie? I'd say it's 50-50.

WallytheWineGuy said...

I sell wine. When someone asks what to have with dinner, I usually recommend, surprise... wine. Did anybody think the gun guy would offer anything but more guns? Besides, as every hunter knows, those kids were harvested, not "killed." Face it, we've removed all the natural predators from the elementary school environment. Culling is just putting things back in balance.

WallytheWineGuy said...

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is a few miles away from Sandy Hook elementary. here's a good link where they define assault weapons as "Modern Sporting Rifles"
I guess hunting kids is the new sport

pansypoo said...

wayne should have just stayed silent this time. there is nothing he could have said.