Thursday, December 06, 2012


Jim DeMint one of the Senate's most vociferously inclined members of Alternative Earth, is leaving the August body of skull-fuckery for the Heritage Foundation, America's premier think-tank for those who might as well be ocularly violated.


Anonymous said...

Um ... yay?

Anonymous said...

This is the most positive sign that I have seen that filibuster reform may actually pass.
If DeMint couldn't stop anything he wanted by a a mere wave of his hand, (or pen) which is what the filibuster as it is presently constituted as, and actually had to expend some energy onit by staying on the floor of the senate he is leaving.
Only thing he wants is screen time and fundraising. Both of which the heritage foundation would give him.
Otherwise he becomes a loser on the senate floor.
Now if filibuster reform passes and the Senate R's start losing he can bemoan the lack of starch in the ones left behind that he would have supplied, even though he ran with his tail between his legs when the challenge was presented.

pansypoo said...

'think' tank.

i'd say-RETREAT!

Montag said...

Further proof that whenever Repugs yammer on about principles, they're actually whining about not getting in on the grift.

So, DeMintia gets his, finally. I look forward to seeing him mold Heritage in his own inimitable crackpot image.