Friday, December 14, 2012

Virginia Foxx on the look out for "who dealt it" terrorism

*Note* Actual non-parody picture 

Apparently -- and not surprisingly -- Republican Crazy Person and gerrymandered into irreality -- Virginia Foxx has a very bizarre fetish.
ITK last week brought you one tipster’s claims of Foxx laying the verbal smackdown on a female staffer for taking a ride on a members-only elevator. The congresswoman’s office said the story — which involved Foxx questioning the staffer’s literacy vis-à-vis the “members-only” sign — was an “exaggeration” by “disrespectful junior staffers” who will go to great lengths “just to read about themselves in the paper.” Now more elevator horror stories are coming in.
I just pray we don't find out there's an Aerosmith song in there somewhere.


centerfielddj said...

Yes, Attaturk, fit that last reference into a story about the least sexually appealing person on the planet.

Thanks for the ew.

pansypoo said...

some people are just vile. i heard from a YOUNG black congressional staffer that strom thurmond was very nice.

just john said...

"Dude Looks Like a Lady"?

Well, maybe if you squint ...

... after drinking a lot.