Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Whoever believed of that 'for the people'" shit...

That Lincoln talked about? Not the modern Republican Party that is for sure:
With no health insurance and not enough money for a doctor, Laura Johnson is long accustomed to treating her ailments with a self-written prescription: home remedies, prayer and denial...

After she collapsed last year and landed in in a local emergency room, doctors diagnosed her with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and hypothyroid. They ordered her not to work. She arranged a Social Security disability benefit, and she enrolled in Medicaid, the government-furnished insurance program for the poor. She used her Medicaid card to secure needed prescription medications. Her ailments stabilized. But this year, the state determined that the $819 a month she draws in disability payments exceed the allowable limit. By the federal government's reckoning, her $9,800 annual income made her officially poor. But under the standards set by Louisiana, she was too well off to receive Medicaid. T

his is how Johnson, 57, finds herself back amid the roughly 49 million Americans who lack health insurance.
All because Louisiana's asshole Governor -- like so many Republicans -- cannot go along with any measure that is associated with Bar-lack Obama.

So Bobby Jindal's message to you Laura Johnson is...die!

Lovely people, huh?


Anonymous said...

Someday some desperate person with nothing to lose is going to shoot one of these heartless bastards.

Perhaps it will be Jindal, or Wayne LaPierre.

Karma's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of money for prisons, though. Geez.

And when it's convenient, they sell off the prisons to CCA or similar blood-money enterprises...which is the modern equivalent of an old southern tradition when convicts were literally rented out to plantations...

pansypoo said...

mitt rmoney's tax cuts are far more important.

i live in a state that covers the porr, til emperor walker can kill that too.

Montag said...

Best health care system in the world.

Yeah, right.

Beleck said...

Jindal also cut the mental health hospitals. the whites who voted for him in the Northshore area were outraged when he tried to close the remaining mental hospital in Mandeville. the same people who voted him twice into office. Jindal closed the one in New Orleans, too "urban", i suppose.

the uproar about the Hospital in Mandeville was huge. Jindal decided to sell the state hospital to a private firm. that way the state can reward "private" industry, which "always does a "better" job.

money, who cares about money when the Private healthcare "friends" are involved.

Louisianians love voting for their "rednecks," even re-elect those that cut their "health services" and spend their taxdollars on Private Business, rather than use existing Gov mental health hospitals. who needs Gov anyway?