Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sure they were the really accurate in the 2012 Election

But I think Public Policy Polling (PPP) may be getting a little off track with its polling of late -- of course, I'm writing about it so...mission accomplished, I guess.
When asked if there was a War on Christmas, the majority of respondents believe there was 47/40.
Well, that will make Bill O'Reilly happy -- or angry about bullshit -- which of course is the thing that makes him happy. Of course, I have my concerns about those actually polled:
A majority of voters (52/45) said they believe in Santa Claus.
Um, yeah...about that, have you met these people?

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StonyPillow said...

If Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, Would You Press Charges?

Over 3/4 of respondents said they wouldn’t or that they weren’t sure. No wonder it seems such an uphill battle to try and save Medicare.

Anonymous said...

Canada: a fan letter to my Conservative MP


Dear Mr. Nicholson,

Probably you’ve been following the story of those Australian DJ’s who accidentally caused the suicide of a British nurse?

Well, if you're anything like me: doesn't it really bug you when people blame those DJ’s over a harmless little prank! Get over it, people! Get a sense of humour!

Which is actually the reason I’m writing: to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your government’s fun pranks this year on those speak-no-English migrant workers… ‘pickle-pickers-and-packers’, I call ‘em.

You know the ones I mean--- those bicycle-ridin' losers who get in your way whenever you try to pick up some groceries at the Virgil Value Mart!

Mr. Nicholson, for me the fun all began this summer when your government cut their wages by 15%

Be honest--- I’ll bet there was some wag in cabinet with a fun line like “If they can’t take a joke, fff…forget ‘em!” --- wasn’t there?

Or maybe, “Hey, Pedro! Shoulda got a job in the financial sector!”

And deducting Employment Insurance from the taco eaters---? Even though they are forbidden by law to claim EI benefits--? Ha ha! Hilarious!

“Hey, Pedro, what’s Spanish for ‘tough bananas’?”

Or maybe, “If you don’t like it, Pedro, you shoulda voted Conservative! … Oh, yeah, I forgot: you can’t vote!”

But I just read in the paper today about your latest prank---- Well! Would you be so good as to tell Mr. Harper he is a sheer genius!


Now that was some inspired Christmas prankery!

“You want compassionate leave, Pedro? Hey, here’s a quarter; go call somebody who cares!”

“Ain’t you proud, Pedro? You just bought a hubcap for one of our new F-35’s!”

“Feliz Navidad, Pedro; this is Canada and the true meaning of Christmas is --- corporate tax cuts!”

Now Mr. Nicholson, may I say in closing that I have noticed in your mailouts how fond you are of posing for that annual photograph with the big Bible sitting on your desk!

Ha ha! Now THAT is some excellent prankin’!

And I know that somewhere, Jesus is very proud of your work, because there was nothing He enjoyed more than a good prank!

(Ha ha, remember when He pretended we’re all supposedly supposed to “Do unto others…”? That was rich!)

Your fan,

pansypoo said...

i can't remember if i ever believed. i don't think i grew up in a family that tried very hard. plus, my 5 times married, no kids great-aunt WAS santa.