Tuesday, December 18, 2012

God bless the United States of Derp (a continuing series...or disasters)

I'm sure it will now be no problem at all to discuss serious policy matters with all those teapartiers and libertarian cranks now that the "fever" has broken. Why just look at yesterday as the Electoral College members gathered in their State's respective capitols to vote:
... three Romney electors in Arizona tried one more time to convince everyone that Obama wasn't born in the United States:
Elector Don Ascoli said the fact Obama got more popular votes is irrelevant to the truth. "The majority of the people had no dream that Bill Clinton did what he did until a young lady had a blue dress and proved he did," Ascoli said. "And he had to come out and apologize to the world because he lied to you and me."
Thereby proving...uh...something, I guess.

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pansypoo said...

bevermond george w fucking bush lying us into iWaq. obviously IOKIYAR.

merlallen said...

What are they trying to accomplish? Do they think that Crash McCain will be declared the retroactive winner in '04? Or are they secretly working for Joe Biden so he can be President? Hmmm........