Sunday, December 30, 2012

What a glorious tribute to "freedom"

This sure makes us look good:

Double Olympic champion Mo Farah has said he has been questioned by US border officials on suspicion of being a terrorist.

The team GB star even got out his two gold medals to show the customs officers who he was, but to no avail.

Farah, who was born in Somalia and moved to Britain with his father when he was eight, was detained as he was heading to Portland, Oregon, to spend Christmas with his family.

He moved to America last year to work with his coach, marathon champion Alberto Salazar, at the Nike headquarters.

Despite his international fame, the long distance runner revealed he often gets stopped at customs because of his Somali origin.

Farah, aged 29, told The Sun: "I couldn't believe it. Because of my Somali origin I get detained every time I come through US Customs.


Anonymous said...

Nope - no racial profiling there...

daver said...

He's not just just a Terrist, he's an Alien Terrist!!. He's out to kill the preznit!

You mean you don't recognize him??1!??

pansypoo said...

welcome to amerika.