Sunday, December 23, 2012

Clearly he learned a valuable lesson from dad

Oh how surprising:

The NRA argues that it  is evil people and not money hungry corporations that are causing the bloodshed in American streets.  While they seem to have grown comfortable overlooking dead school children in order to protect profits, one question they are not comfortable answering is this:  What influenced the son of NRA head David Keene, who fired into the car of another motorist in 2002?

The New Yorker previously reported on how Keene’s served jail time for his misuse of a firearm.

 In 2002, Keene’s son David Michael Keene was driving on the George Washington Memorial Parkway when, in a road-rage incident, he fired a handgun at another motorist. He was sentenced to ten years in prison for “using, brandishing, and discharging a firearm in a crime of violence.” I asked Keene if this private tragedy had left him uncertain about what the N.R.A. had wrought. He said no: “You break the law, you pay the price.”


Anonymous said...

Remember the opening scene in Steve Martin's "LA Story"... ?

It's the first day of Gun Season, so Steve gets out his handgun for a wild shootout with fellow freeway commuters?

pansypoo said...

children playing cops + robbers, cowboys + indians. where's the well regulated militia?

StonyPillow said...

Time for Anonymous to earn our country's undying gratitude. I'd like the current NRA membership database, please.

I would bet at least half of mass murders in America are committed by members of the NRA, or children of members of the NRA who live in their homes.