Thursday, June 21, 2007

All that needs to be said

This is what happens when you are governed by a moron and he appoints pardoned felons to implement his horrid policies:

"Last year, I was among a small group of Palestinians that met Elliott Abrams, President George Bush's deputy national security adviser. He was blunt that the Hamas government, which was democratically elected, must be pushed out at any cost. We're not Hamas followers, but we tried to persuade him and other officials that engagement, rather than confrontation, is the better choice; but their determination was unshakable. We warned there would be suffering and starvation and even armed conflict, but to no avail. It wouldn't be the fault of the U.S. if that happened, he said."
Eyad Sarraj - Director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program

These morons may not like Hamas, but we've spent hundreds of billions in treasure and thousands of lives in blood pushing democracy in the middle east. That means we may not always get what we want but we have to deal with the results.

When you refuse to deal?

You get what we have in Gaza and the West Bank even bigger fucking failure, and hypocrisy to boot.

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