Friday, June 29, 2007


Doug Bailey (lifelong Republican Operative) has managed to come up with, and convince substantial intellects like the world's number one 'Matlock' fan that "both parties" (including that one that hasn't controlled Congress in thirteen years) are bad.

Whatever, what it really is, is a chance to give the GOP (who will be slaughtered in 2008 at this rate) to siphon off votes from the Democrats. Every goddamned issued Unity '08 will come up with is a repudiation of the GOP Platform and pilfered from what the Democrats have been calling for. In other word it's a guarantee the GOP base will still come out and vote for the intellectual thug of their choice.


Therefore, if you don't want to jokingly support Colbert, I encourage you to nominate "these two" for President and Vice President...after all they have the advantage of actually being puppets!

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