Thursday, June 28, 2007


Mr. Peepers actually admits error about Dick Cheney, but then goes on to just sort of shrug his shoulders. I guess David only gets mad at Harry Reid, who must have cancelled his favorite show or something.

Broder's most ill-chosen statement is this:

It was not illegal, and it was not unconstitutional, but it could not have happened unless the president permitted it and enabled it.

I'm sorry, but actually it almost certainly was illegal...from the "wiretapping" to Halliburton profits, to playing fast and loose with numerous national security secrets the trail of Cheney's illegalities and probably illegalities is illegal. We just finished a pissing match where Cheney had the temerity to claim an extra-Constitutional political position. He views himself as more important that the "law", power is the ultimate balm on all problems in Cheney's world.

Broder is available to "Chat" tomorrow, so stop by to polite inquire as to the date he actually begins to plan on being a real political observer and columnist as it is plain the time is running out on this opportunity for him.

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