Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Somebody needs a nap and a ball-rub

Get right on that Kate O'Beirne [editor: shudder break]

Lugar (more) [Michael Ledeen]

I'm glad Rich likes Lugar, because there aren't many who do, and it's true he's pleasant enough. Indeed, he's a foreign service officer masquerading as a political leader. I have watched him for about thirty years, and I cannot recall a moment of courage, not one time when he set himself against the conventional wisdom, nor challenged a policy before the winds had shifted against it. He was chairman of Foreign Relations for several years. What did he accomplish? Nothing. He behaved in total synch with Biden, which says it all. He had hearing on Iran, and only invited witnesses approved by Powell and Rice and their people, never a clear dissenting voice.

It was predictable for him to join the calls for retreat, as he had already been a leading soprano in the appeasement choir. It wouldn't surprise me if Biden asked him to do it, in order to show that the establishment Pubs have abandoned the war (surprise!)

I wonder what ever happened to the Hoosiers. They fired Bobby Knight and reelect Lugar by huge margins.

If there's a bigger ass-clown in this country than Michael Ledeen he could only be on Cheney's staff.

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