Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bada & Bing: The Love Story Continues

When last we left our heroes, Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff was exploring the fatal attraction between these two paragons of New York virtue. Months later, a lonely, demoralized, and alienated Bing speaks out about his new perspective on the criminal justice system, his new gig, and life after Bada.
"I accept the distance created by Giuliani. I understand it, but inside, it's killing me. It's like dying a slow death, watching him have to answer for my mistakes..."
Bing, who is currently working for the Jordanian government building an "underground, seismic-shock proof, oxygen-stowing compound that could withstand a nuclear attack" goes on to say:
"At least here in Jordan, I stand half a chance," Kerik whined. "Back home, it's death by a thousand cuts - cuts to your emotions, finances, family and your life. Now is the darkest time in my life, and nothing I have been through has gotten me ready for it. I am truly f- - -in' afraid.
No word on whether the Jordanian compound can withstand the scrutiny of the campaign '08 press pack, wiretapping equipment ordered up by Jeanine Pirro, or the wrath of Bing's ex, would-be O.J. book publisher Judith Regan.

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