Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sure it's easy to criticize Giuliani

For accepting a spot on the Iraq Study Group in the Spring of 2006 when he was thinking of running for Duce President and being forced to resign for not attending and saying it was because he was thinking of running for Lord of the Sith President in the Fall of 2006. But Rudy is a man with other priorities, like running for Dark Lord of Mordor President while exploiting the death of others for fun and PROFIT!:

1. Judy is high-maintenance.

2. His prior divorce decrees are high-maintenance.

3. Keeping Bernie Kerik quiet is, uh, high-maintenance. Why the buffing alone...

4. Paying off your children to keep their mouth's shut, in place of actual affection, high-maintenance.

5. Bionic Prostate? High maintenance.

6. Crack? Expensive. Employing crack dealers, really expensive.

7. Defense Lawyers, expensive.

8. Divorce Lawyers, really expensive.

9. Toupee budget, okay, had to save $ somewhere, he's not Bloomberg y'know.

10. Using image of running away from collapsing buildings, while implying that those who actually died trying to save lives within them and their colleagues are money-grubbing union whores while you make $100,000 for 45 minutes of empty platitudes to your implacable running away style....PRICELESS!

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