Thursday, June 28, 2007

When Record Companies get Greedy

As we all know, record companies and their executives only want what is best for musicians. They have never taken advantage of artists, only tried to pursue efforts to help them create music so the public can hear it. Yeah, right. Tell that to all of the legendary (and not so) musicians who have had their money ripped off -- The Beatles, The Who... countless others. Simon Garfield called it, Money for Nothing.

The House of Representatives Committee on Small Business heard testimony today about the increased rates small Webcasters will soon be required to pay to play music online. If you enjoy having music available online, you need to make your concerns heard! If this rate hike passes small Internet radio stations, college radio stations that stream, and others will find it impossible to continue to spread music -- as most of online radio and streaming outlets do for the love of the music or artists rather than efforts at making big show business-like profits.

This hike must be stopped!

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