Monday, June 25, 2007

Bada & Bing: On Hold

There's only one thing worse than a whiny mobster -- and that's a whiny mobster wanna-be. New York:
"I could find trouble in this glass of iced tea right here. I could find chaos...Good doesn’t sell... I have a 33-year career of meritorious, heroic service. I’m the only fucking police commissioner who ever had the Medal of Valor. It’s like, ‘Hey, guys, whatever happened to the other 31 fucking years?’ ...It’s a personal nightmare; it’s a professional nightmare. There were book deals that have been pulled from the table and are on hold. There was a movie deal, pulled from the table and on hold. There were contracts pulled from the table and on hold.”
Hey, Bing? Maybe if your goomar, Judith Regan hadn't tried to make a buck off one of the only people more reprehensible than one who would tryst in an apartment overlooking a gigantic cemetery, your book deal wouldn't be on hold. Maybe if you'd stayed on shore and off Al Pirro's boat your movie deal wouldn't be on hold. And maybe if your other goomar, Bada, hadn't overreached for the umpteenth time and tried to get you installed as head of DHS your contracts wouldn't be on hold (and he'd still be holding you).

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