Thursday, June 21, 2007

Congratulations Right-Wingers

Your radio talkers are pretty much giving the Democrats something they haven't had much of in the heretofore Republican districts of the Southwest...victories.

The front lines of this problem are in the fast-growing states of the American West. And the closer you get to the border, the more voters back politicians who are looking for middle ground — and punish those who follow the rant-for-ratings route.

In just the last six years, Arizona’s population grew by 20 percent, Nevada’s by 25 percent, Colorado’s by 10 percent and New Mexico’s by 7.5 percent. These four states may be the biggest battleground in next year’s presidential race, with 29 electoral votes — more than Florida or Ohio.

Hispanics make up 28 percent of Arizona, 24 percent of Nevada, 20 percent of Colorado and 43 percent of New Mexico. The rap is that they don’t vote. Not yet, at least. But they’re the fastest-growing part of the electorate.

And what does the GOP have going for it?

Rush Limbaugh, Neal Bortz & Sean Hannity doing their modern "Theodore Bilbo Routine". The idiots at "The Corner" wave their nativist bullshit into pushing hispanics out of the GOP the same way they drove African Americans out of the Party of Lincoln. Meanwhile, we become "browner" all the time. And thanks to the great strides the Supreme Court is taking in finally undoing Roe v. Wade, you'll soon be the party of ONLY the angry white men.

Good job.

Whenever, I hear these discussions of demographic change and how the "growing" areas of the country are traditional GOP voters, the question always is, and who, pray tell is going there to cause the numbers to rise?

-- Retirees from the Northeast that really appreciate this privatizing talk about Social Security & Medicade.

-- Hispanics, who really appreciate the fact they are implied as subhuman.

The exception is least for a while...the Republicans really hate them the Castro...but I'm sure the anti-latino language is not exactly making that number grow. Ask Mel Martinez.

I don't care how copious Michelle Duggar's womb is, whitey is becoming more tan and the Republicans are doing a fabulous job in burning their disdain into the mind of these demographically exploding groups.

For once, George Bush is somewhat right about something, and THIS is the thing that pisses his base off?


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