Friday, April 08, 2011

Introduction to Crazy 101

Ah yes, the college years...American style.

Binge drinking among American college students is on the rise, along with its consequences of drunk driving and drinking-related deaths

Granted, that is from not quite two-years ago, but there's no reason to think it is any better. So it is good to fulfill the fantasies of Glenn Reynolds' by mixing places of higher learning and even higher keg stands with this:

The Arizona House on Thursday approved a landmark bill allowing guns on campuses...

The Republican-led House voted 33 to 24 to allow firearms to be carried in the open or concealed in public rights of way, such as campus streets and roadways.

What could possibly go wrong?

And, of course, this being Arizona, what a well-timed response to issues of public concern:

"We're allowing people to defend themselves," said Rep. David Gowan Sr., a Republican, who voted for the bill.

"The purpose of carrying a gun with you is to defend yourself against that aggressor," he added.

Jered Lee Laugher couldn't agree more with that sentiment.

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pansypoo said...

oh poo. this is a win win. elimination of young GOPers and future drunk drivers.