Thursday, April 07, 2011

We know now what Tim Pawlenty will be doing when he get's that 3 A.M. phone call

Posting bail for his staff.

Police discovered Benjamin Foster, an employee of the Pawlenty Exploratory Committee, and subsequently arrested him on charges of public drunkenness and trespassing.

Say what you will, it was certainly exploratory.

It's called crisis-management people.


Billy B said...

I will bet my house the PD and trespass charge will conveniently go away.

sukabi said...

of course it will Billy B... it won't be a "news item" after 5pm today... the gnews yakkers need an actually viable candidate to fawn over on the Republican side of the isle... Mittens is too mormoney ... but on second thought the thing is right up their alley... they loooooove a Daddy Warbucks maybe Tea-Paw's staff will get polished with exposure.

pansypoo said...


Anonymous said...

well trespassing could be interpreted as just being a little exploratory foray, and public drunkenness as going incognito whilst exploratoring.