Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Not as newsworthy as snow in December

One of our media's great obsessions...other than tweeted dick pictures of course...is to look for any snowstorms that occur during any meeting concerning climate change and blurt our "What Global Warming?"

While the village obsesses over the porn-possibilities of the internet (Peggy Noonan must be fainting like a Santorum supporter) somehow this will get scant mention.

BAD news awaits delegates from about 180 countries at the start of two weeks of climate talks beginning on Monday to debate a new global warming accord.

Greenhouse gas emissions are going up instead of down despite 20 years of effort, hitting record highs, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The meeting is in Bonn, Germany, where it is not snowing so...back to the dick pics.

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StonyPillow said...

Some people have to pee on the third rail just to see if they can get away with it.