Monday, June 06, 2011

One if by hand, two if bi-curious

An amusing post from the Wiki editors on sad efforts to revise history to make it Palinized:

A humble suggestion for Sarah Palin fans

If you want to find a source to work into the article, you should search for sources that agree with what Palin said BEFORE she said it. Sarah Palin doesn't belong in this article, because it's an article about Paul Revere not about Sarah Palin, but if you want to bolster her position retroactively you just need to go back to anything released a week ago or more that counts as a RS and bring that to the forefront. --Opcnup (talk) 00:56, 6 June 2011 (UTC)


JDM said...

Goddam fucking idiots.

DanF said...

They should add this info to Conservapeida. Their page on Paul Revere is a bit thin:

Montag said...

"Research? Research? We don' need no steenking research!"

pansypoo said...

maybe she coulda like looked it up on wiki before she opened her pie hole. oh god i hate mccant.