Wednesday, June 08, 2011

You forgot though, that Al Gore is fat!!!!

Behold the "Mustache of Wisdom" speaks:

All those shopping malls fueling the consumer society that made me rich...have helped to destroy the world, now that I've lost a lot of that stock value, I realize the error of my ways!!!

Why do I have a feeling we'd be reading something different if they were still worth hundreds of millions?


Montag said...

Since MoDo has never been married, I'm sure her take on wedding vows is just as farfetched as Friedman's are on the economy. And, I didn't see any apology in Friedman's article, oh, no--just unwarranted optimism borrowed from someone else.

If the current trend is any indicator at all, we're all going to blissfully enjoy the rocket-powered handbasket trip to hell, repeatedly asking the conductor, like he's one of Friedman's cab drivers, if all the amusement rides will still be running when we get there....

sukabi said...

thanks Atta for bringing me a smile and a chuckle this morning... from multi-billionaire to just a millionaire in just a few short years, that's gotta leave a mark. lololololololol.

Guess the mighty hand of the market told him to "Suck on THIS!!!"

pansypoo said...

false prosperity.

Raoul Paste said...

In the long run, the Friedman Unit may be the only thing he's remembered for.