Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get ready for "Draw Lucky -- the Exhibition"

Because by 2014 or so, we're going to read columns by Peggy Noonan where she writes about her unexpected moistness at the world's worst art gallery showing.

David Greene: Your husband has kept a pretty low profile since leaving office. But one thing that’s gotten some attention recently is his new hobby, painting. How did that come about?
Laura Bush: He was looking for a pastime. He got an app on his iPad where he could draw pictures. He communicated with me if I was on the road and with Barbara and Jenna with funny drawings.
David Greene: He was drawing you pictures to send you while you were on the road?
Laura Bush: Yeah, like he’d draw a picture of him in bed with Barney and the cat.

I'm going to guess it was a mix of 3-year old, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Dogs Playing Poker.


StonyPillow said...

People used to make fun of Herbert Hoover fishing in a coat, tie and hat. I'll pass on Hoover's fishing and Bush's painting.

Like Hoover, I hope W lives to a ripe old age, an enduring symbol of catastrophic failure for generations to come.

pansypoo said...

think hangman.

kingweasil said...

‘Why don’t you read Churchill’s book ‘Painting as a Pastime’...historians have already crushed W's legacy as a leader,the art world was a logical next step to be immortalized.i bet he's redone poker playing dogs.

Anonymous said...

they really don't know how much his "painting" represents rehab, do they? or how his choice of subjects displays the imagination and talent of a 3 yr olds world view.