Friday, April 19, 2013

Watertown, Mass -- not a place to be at the moment

As many of you a police hunt for the suspects is currently going on right now in this section of the Boston area -- here's a pic of a nearby house to where a shoot-out occurred late last evening.


Anonymous said...

black hat dead, white hat on loose. people to stay secure in home and not answer doors. do not leave home or go to work. apparent explosive devices tossed from vehicle during chase. many explosives. one mit law enforcement officer dead. one MBTA seriously wounded. my thoughts are with all and families.

be safe all. and listen to law enforcement.


StonyPillow said...

Who are they?

Are they left, are they right?
Are they black, are they white?
Are they wrong, are they right?

The days-long wait has ruined this.

Athenawise said...

Dear friends live in Watertown. They're being brave, but it's nerve-wracking. Police believe the younger brother never left the area and may be hole up in a residence there (at gun or bomb point).

pansypoo said...

at least the teevee was not hit.