Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sorry about the light blogging again

I've been busy in the morning doing something strange and unique the last month and a half.


Oh, and spending too much time with my hummel-figures at Pinterest.*

*That's a thing on there right?


pansypoo said...

i think if somebody pinned hummels, they'd be laughed off the site. and i haven't looked at pinterest since the 1st time.

gratuitous said...


You know, it's pretty arrogant to want to live forever. You're going to give blogging folks a bad name, being all buff and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good people taking care of themselves?

I am liking this.

Anonymous said...


oh no! they've gotten you!

you do know that hummels and those freakish precious moments things are an alien invasion force. soon they will reach critical mass and one night, while we're asleep, dreaming of being buff and stuff, they will wake, and we'll be hip deep in the damned things! places in arizona and neighborhoods with a preponderance of lutheran grannies will be the first to go.

of course, the upside is, we can always wade on in, grab em, bite their heads off and lob the creepy little things at republicans. they'll be so busy crying "oh the humanity!" and trying to dust em they'll stop selling gran cat food and give her a chance to snatch stuff off their plates!

always an upside!


Montag said...

Geez, I feel decrepit and ancient. What's Pinterest?