Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Irony is still dead

A Library dedicated to George W. Bush.

I just hope and pray that it contains a wing dedicated to "quality poetry" like it will have a wing dedicated to "Good Ideas" (y'know like two wars, tax cuts, pushing high-risk home loans, doughnut holes, torture, and a special display of how to open Chinese Doors and Umbrellas).

You know poetry like this:

Dear Laura,

Roses are red, violets are blue,

oh my lump in the bed, how I've missed you.

Roses are redder, bluer am I,

seeing you kissed by that charming French guy.

The dogs and the cat they miss you too,

Barney's still mad you dropped him, he ate your shoe.

The distance my dear has been such a barrier,

next time you want an adventure, just land on a carrier.*

It can go next to the art gallery.

*May have been written by Laura, making it even sadder.


Anonymous said...

I think you've linked to the George H.W.Bush museum by mistake.

Somehow that's appropriate.

Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...

Here I sit
I paid a dime (oops, I mean) I stole an election, lied America into an illegal war, & tortured people
And only farted

pansypoo said...

it looks like america are not learning. american amnesia syndrome.

Anonymous said...

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