Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why not just spend this on coke or heroin?

At least you'll get high for a it has more value than this.

The New York Times Global Forum: Thomas L. Friedman’s The Next New World, scheduled for June 20, promises to “explore the complex dynamics of new-world infrastructure, especially the transformative electronic, digital and mobile environment,” impart “invaluable insights into strategies for success in today’s new world order,” and answer the question: “What World Are You Living In?” Invitees can attend the one-day forum for the early-bird price of $995.

If you do not learn enough, fear not I'm sure "The Mustache of Understanding" will have all the answers for you within six months.

Via Balloon Juice.


Montag said...

A thousand bucks for little Tommy Friedman to tell you what world you're living in?

Fools and their money, as the saying goes.

And those "complex dynamics of new-world infrastructure, especially the transformative electronic, digital and mobile environment...?"

It means that you get to play Angry Birds on your way to work on the bus to the shitty, low-paying job Friedman's buddies have in store for you, while the day traders are massaged into the illusion that they are controlling their own destinies, all the while being fleeced by the people who buy and sell a thousand Friedmans a day.

Fuck me, these are weird, incomprehensible times.

pansypoo said...

money grubber.

NonyNony said...

That close-up on Freidman's mustache will haunt my nightmares.

(Also juxtaposed with the title - his mustache looks like it contains coke instead of just grey hairs here.)

grouchomarxist said...

Between the pace of progress and the growth of population, and as indicated by the sheer number of these idiots being in-your-face idiotic 24/7, I think it's high time we update the old dictum to: "There's a sucker born every second."

This is sheer speculation of course, but I wonder if those tickets are tax-deductible. It would be the cherry on top.

Anonymous said...

Statements like that have me reaching for my Bullshit Bingo card.

This is the only way to stay almost-sane in the face of the breathtakingly-vapid suckhole of corporatist gobbledegook.

Anonymous said...

stupid is the new "smart".
he's only about 30 yrs late. pretty much sums up republicans.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you get the same insight from Mr. Friedman's cab driver for the price of a ride uptown (and tip)?

pansypoo said...

we have been extolling stupid since the southern strategy. GWB was the pinnacle.