Friday, April 26, 2013

This is what happens when you elect comic-book villains to high office

Another "shining" example of assholery from Florida.

Florida violated federal civil rights law with its new and unusual requirement that unemployment claimants file online and take math and reading tests before they can receive benefits, the U.S. Labor Department determined this month.

They also want drug-testing while the guy (and you know it was a guy, a white guy, a white Republican guy) who wrote it is probably addicted to prescription medication and cannot add or write beyond a 4th degree level -- or as it is known in Florida, a State University Grad.*

*Sorry, Floridian Collegians and Alums in advance.


Malacylpse said...

*Sorry, Floridian Collegians and Alums in advance.

It would, I suppose, be pedantic to note that this should be written "Sorry in advance, Floridian collegians and alums."

StonyPillow said...

Note that "Project Connect" is a $60 million endeavor. Give Scott more time, he'll find a less illegal way to steal.

Oblios_Cap said...

As a State College alum of Florida, I is greatly moved by your heartfelt apology.

Montag said...

Well, no, I am not surprised that Rick Scott & Co. are eager to fuck with poor and working-class people.

Nor would it surprise me that the testing and collating company hired to produce this stuff might be a Repug crony.

It ought to be the official motto of Florida: Through malice, profit.

pansypoo said...

stupid as stupid does.

kingweasil said...

always w/the drug testing.i bet scott owns stock in that.