Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keeping it in perspective

America...who needs it to to stand for anything anyway?

Greg Ball, a state senator in New York, suggested Friday that authorities should "torture" the captured Boston bombing suspect,  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is a naturalized American citizen and remains in serious condition at an area hospital.


StonyPillow said...

The DHS Chase&Capture cable channel's going to have a gold mine with Chechen villains and their M-80 firecracker black powder bombs. In the immortal words of John Cameron Swayze, they "Take a licking and keep on ticking".

Torture them "to save lives"? Heck, you can fill 'em with holes like swiss cheese and they'll keep going till the commercial break.

Not Just Reality.
Not Just Actuality.
Armaggedon All The Time.

BTW, let's all forget the handguns and long rifle they used to kill the MIT cop and fight their way out of the first shootout. Nothing to see here, folks. Didn't happen. 9/11. Move along.

Montag said...

Or, alternatively, we could torture Greg Ball to find out how little he knows... about anything.

kingweasil said...

going out on a limb here turk,but let me guess,republican right?

pansypoo said...

never mind that study that jus came out that PROVED we got NO ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE from georgee era torture.

USA! USA! said...

Torture--- it's the American Way!!!

Anonymous said...

this is nuts! and graham and mccain calling for him to be tried as an enemy combatant is another dive to the bottom of the nations darkside of fear and loathing!

women have to fear walking and looking nice. we must all fear disease and illness. fear going to work because someone may have a grudge. fear dealing with the public because the public is being screwed over by your bosses policies but you're the one stuck delivering the news. fear the police because now they may torture you. fear going to school, put a bulletproof backpack on your kindergartener when you send them off to learn their abc's. fear playing on a playground in a normal town because the plant across the street is not far enough away because no one cared to enact or follow common sense zoning laws to keep you safe, or osha guidelines to maintain safety of the work done there...

so old man mccain and ms lindsey are affeared? suspend miranda and torture to get crap intel so we can terrorize and keep the tension high on folks so they remember fall out of the sky and forrestal mccain as the "hero" he says he is...

sorry, i think i'd rather live life seeing the good in society, the strength in kindness and the hope of a new day rather than what the press keeps feeding us.

it's that, or be completely ashamed 24/7 of my home, the usa.

today, i choose hope.