Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I expect Rush Limbaugh to be arrested for the Boston bombing


Just as accurate as CNN.

Perhaps, arguably more-so.


pansypoo said...

you forgot fux gnews.

buy kudos to america;s most watched gerbalists.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy probably knows who did it. Those RWNJ's love to brag to each other about stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Flush would burst into flames if he was anywhere in proximity to recreational exercise.

Anonymous said...

the news this morning was depressing. 1. senate fails in gun control.
2. gnews in usa is being told to shut up about arrests as the fbi is saying press is jumping gun and going off half cocked.

and the one good thing that so deeply highlights the stupid in my own country:

3.NZ defines marriage as union of two PEOPLE of consenting age.

won't be happening here in oz though, not for a long time. the conservatives here will be in power soon and they are NOT going to allow marriage to come to a vote.


Montag said...

Nah, Limbaugh wouldn't do it himself.

He'd have his maid do it for him.

Athenawise said...

Or his Dominican pool boy, Montag.