Sunday, April 07, 2013


Obviously has a mouth that moves faster than his brain...a lot faster.

Women and domestic violence is the topic.

“Is that something women really worry about?” he continued.

“Men being brutal?” Mitchell asked. “Yes,” she soldiered on, “the Violence Against Women Act, Joe Biden…”

“In the home?”

“Yes. Domestic violence,” she replied, before pivoting back to Biden again.


ArtM said...

Brother Theodore!!

DrDick said...

This assumes, contrary to all available evidence, that he has a brain to move.

StonyPillow said...

He's a relatively young 67. Fifteen more years till he's Broder's age.

BTW, his contract was supposed to be up for renewal this year. Obviously MSNBC thinks Tweety helps them skew towards the desirable, upwardly mobile 25-to-54 bracket. Kids everywhere get a thrill up their leg just thinking about him babbling incoherently and soiling his Depends.

pansypoo said...

that is GOP level dumb.

Anonymous said...

"Faster" maybe isn't quite right... "less slow"?