Saturday, April 27, 2013

Masturbation NRA Leadership Style

Obviously just a person exercising their Second Amendment Rights the way Wayne LaPierre thinks they should.

The hunt is on for a gunman who police say sprayed two North Philadelphia blocks using a high-powered assault rifle in separate shootings that killed one and wounded three others earlier this month.

“We’ve already had one person killed and three others shot,” Homicide Unit Capt. James Clark said during a news conference Friday. “Quite frankly, we could have a lot more killed.”


“As he’s running away, he’s sort of just firing in the air, so he’s a very dangerous person,” Clark said. “We have to get him off the street as quickly as possible.”

A week later, on April 13, a gunman matching the description of the gunman opened fire on two men at 7th and Clearfield streets – about seven blocks from the scene of the first shooting. Police said the 23 shell casings recovered at that scene matched those found at the scene April 6. Both victims in that shooting, men aged 19 and 36, survived their gunshot wounds, said 25th District Capt. Frank Vanore.

Surveillance video from the second shooting shows sparks flying as bullets ricochet off the street and buildings and the victims running to escape the gunfire.


Raoul Paste said...

I bet the police would like an assault weapons ban right about now. This guy sounds like a mad dog.

StonyPillow said...

I don't care about the NRA's claim to unlimited freedom. I demand law and order.

Montag said...

Heh. Guess this guy skipped the NRA's classes on responsible ownership.

What's that, you say? The NRA doesn't really have such classes? They just spend their money on lobbying and campaign contributions to protect the right of crazy people to own military weaponry?

Why, yes, one plus one does equal two. Why do you ask?

jimmiraybob said...

The shooter is described as a black man....

From the NRA and TeaBirchPublican point of view this may not be a patriot deserving consideration.

pansypoo said...

australia has the answer. or we need to ENFORCE the regulated militia.

w3ski said...

This guy shoots like a cop, give him a job, quick.

Anonymous said...

anyone who isn't scared spitless when they handle a weapon, shouldn't be anywhere near them.

seems the NRA has made them into a casual fetish.