Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We all know the Republican method of dealing with less regulation

Has only one path:

Since 1998, the specific issues that appear most frequently in [the Agricultural Retailers Association and Fertilizer Institute’s] lobbying disclosure reports are bills dealing with the safety and security of chemical facilities. During that period, the Agricultural Retailers Association has spent a cumulative $2.9 million on lobbying while the Fertilizer Institute has spent even more, some $14.4 million, according to data in Influence Explorer.

In a lobbying disclosure on file with the Senate, the Agricultural Retailers Association clearly states its opposition to EPA regulation of fertilizer safety.

Fertilizer plant blows up because of lack of funding for inspection and regulation?

Solution, less inspection and regulation.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, lobbyists! You can be very proud of yourselves!

dpjbro said...

Old fart owner still loved by locals in spite of disaster. Go figure. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

pansypoo said...

the pendulum swing can't come fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Buildings collapse in Korea and Turkey and the owners are arrested. Building blows up in Texas and owned receives sympathy. If I had a hazardous business I would be making a beeline for Texas.

Montag said...

Well, let's hope the personal injury lawyers are on their toes, because if the fire and explosion were the result of safety violations, or first responders' deaths were in any way related to failure to comply with either regulation or notification, as I suspect, this guy deserves to be sued into penury.

Anonymous said...

montag, i agree, but i think it should go higher to the state as well. they are so damned proud of their lax regulations, they should be made to face the consequences of those laxities as negligence or lack of due diligence. and this is one of those issues that the dems need to push and push on. government is there to protect and educate and defend the citizenry, not just by goin' to war to make a profit for some...

safety in the work place.
living wages. freedom from the tyranny of the monopolies. didn't we deal with this in the 1920's and 30's?

maybe we need to teach history again.