Friday, April 05, 2013

Just a half-dozen left

One more down.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) announced his support for marriage equality on Thursday, leaving just six Democratic holdouts yet to publicly endorse same-sex marriage.

The hold outs:   Mark Pryor (AK), Tim Johnson (SD), Joe Manchin (W.VA), Mary Landrieu (LA), Heidi Heitkamp (ND) and Joe Donnelly (IN). Just four, both Heitkamp & Donnelly did the right thing today.


Anonymous said...

Am I wrong for thinking Landrieu could survive a switch? I know New Orleans is not the whole state of Louisiana, but it is New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans is still smaller than it was before 2005, so I doubt we'll see Landrieu step out on gay marriage...or really any issue that might of, sort of, be deemed as progressive.

The dedicated wingnuts are still howling over her vote for Obamacare, and I expect (physician) Bill Cassidy will demagogue that into the ground next year...though, ironically, Landrieu actually stands a chance of carrying Baton Rouge (part of Cassidy's Congressional District).

Of course I'll vote for her -- lesser of evils IS lesser of evils -- but I've learned to not expect a whole lot. Besides, the alternatives -- Jenkins, Haik Terrell, now Cassidy -- really are nuts.

pansypoo said...

look at how far we came in such a short time since obama went for it. quit whining.

Anonymous said...

Mark Pryor might be an idiot, but he's not from Alaska.