Sunday, April 21, 2013

This guy may make Michele Bachmann and Steven King look almost sentient

Maine's minority vote Governor Paul LePage may be the dumbest asshole in America.

Maine Governor Paul LePage accused the University of Maine of turning on an electric motor when the wind wasn’t blowing their turbine to fool people into thinking that “wind power works.”


Raoul Pasre said...

What a buffoon.
It's is the one remark he will be remembered for.

Montag said...

With lock-up (synchronous) turbines, early on, there were schemes to bring them up to speed, latch in, and AC induction took over from there, maintaining a regulated speed. Some early vertical axis turbines had to be started via small electric motors before they'd begin to generate power.

There even may be schemes on the really big machines to keep the blades turning as the turbine head turns 180 deg as winds shift (in the case of Presque Isle, when going from onshore to offshore winds, for example). But, that would be either to minimize accel/decel forces on the blades during gyroscopic motion or as a means of not having a synchronous AC induction generator suddenly drop off line momentarily every time there was a large wind shift.

And, since an AC induction generator is essentially a motor, too, I could imagine a momentarily stuck contactor or something like that causing such a turbine to motor without wind.

None of those instances are in any way meant to deceive the public about the nature of wind power generation, which is what this bozo is claiming.

Ultimately, one has to be a moron, or a bald-faced liar, to make such pronouncements, and I suspect this guy is both. How he got any votes is still a mystery to me, and I would imagine that Maine voters are beginning to ask themselves the same thing. It's too damned bad that they have to live with two more years of this unreconstructed twit.

But, America, fair warning--this is exactly what you get when you let the Tea Party decide your fate: dissembling mental defectives on parade.

StonyPillow said...

Hugo, Dickens and Dostoyevsky would've had a field day with LePage. Profoundly warped by his childhood, running away from home and an abusive drunkard father at 11, to acquiring an MBA and millions as a venture capitalist, he's a perfect symbol for today's Republican party.

Walker = Larry, the stupid one
Scott = Curly, the venal one
LePage = Moe, the vicious one
(h/t Stephen King)

Montag said...

LePage has an MBA?

I guess, in his case, MBA stands for Mendacious Boorish Asshole.

Anonymous said...

LePage tells us a little about himself -- and a little about conservatwits generally. When it was something they liked -- war and lots of killing -- they lied about WMD. Now it's a project they hate -- renewable energy --- so they lie by projecting their own lying tendencies on their political opponents.

Anonymous said...

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pansypoo said...

he needs to lunch w/ bil o'really + talk god + tides.

Anonymous said...

*scratches head*

is simple physics and technology really so hard?

do people actually believe this shit, or is it that they choose to believe it because they are so invested in suspect and hate everything?


Mr. 618 said...

Attaturk, there is no "may" about it. Fat-Ass Page LePage, he of more chins than a Chinatown phone book, was spawned running a local junk emporium ( that makes Sanford and Son look like Neiman-Marcus. He is rude, arrogant, hypocritical, obnoxious, overbearing, crude, obscene, boorish, ignorant, and repugnant. And those are his GOOD points.

Montag posits that Fat-Ass is "a moron or a bald-faced liar or both." Umm, in this case, the correct answer is D, "both and then some."

The 39% of the Mainers who voted for Fat-Ass are the same ones who still believe dim son kept us safe from 'terrism' and that Caribou Barbie was the perfect person to be President.

A lot of them STILL believe in him, and claim he is nothing more than "plain-spoken" which is "something we've needed for years" to overcome "the socialist Kenyan Moozlum devil baby."