Friday, April 12, 2013

My life obviously is empty

As I'll never be going to Coachella.*

*Or Burning Man, or Sturgis, or a Miami Marlins game.


DanF said...

I'm so out of the loop I thought you were talking about a new Vampirella vehicle.

donnah said...

It's a young person's venue. So....

My son went to Pitchfork in Chicago in 2009 with friends. They all scattered after the performances on one of the nights and my son got lost. He got so lost he was walking alone in a very, very scary part of the city.

It was so scary that a taxi pulled up and ordered him to get in so the driver could drop him off somewhere safer. He gave him a free ride, which may have saved his life.

pansypoo said...

out of the loop taint that bad.

Anonymous said...

personally, i think i can live with missing the thing.

i'm sure you'll be fine.


StonyPillow said...

People in Iowa are supposed to desire tickets to Lollapalooza in downtown Chicago.

Why do you not desire these $95 per day tickets? Why do you not desire standing exposed in a muddy pen in the scorching heat and rain with thousands of other deluded souls? It's Woodstock without the good parts, fenced-in and surrounded by Chicago police.

I guess Coachella is pretty much the same.