Thursday, May 02, 2013

You stay classy, GOP

Typical, sadly:

In a shocking example of Republican indifference to the problems Americans face, the Republican party is distributing a fundraising video today that mocks the background check defeat in Congress recently, using a photo of the grieving mother of a dead Sandy Hook Elementary 6 year old boy in order to brag about the legislation’s defeat.

It's like they took their dickishness and said, turn up the dicks to maximum.

But then again, there is their base.

Eighteen percent of Democrats said an armed revolt “might be necessary,” as compared to 27 percent of independents and 44 percent of Republicans. Support levels were similar among males and females but higher among less educated voters.

One in five or four is bad enough...but nearly half?!!!


Anonymous said...

"Typical, sadly" but also "Sadly typical".

dpjbro said...

Fundraising video by GOP was just weird, but then again, I'm not their demographic.

The armed revolt polling is laughable. It would mean they'd have to get off their couches.

pansypoo said...

svae your ire to get the vote out in 2014. SWING LEFT!

Paul said...

They would have to hoist themslves out of their Barcaloungers, strap the ammo belt over their XXL waists, and waddle out to meet the U.S. Army. These are the people who think that "Red Dawn" is a documentry!