Monday, April 02, 2012

Just go ahead and always side with Conservative self-professed Libertarians

After all such folks are generally that because they think it excuses them being a bigger asshole than ever the GOP will tolerate.

Behold the protection of your privacy rights!

The Supreme Court has ruled that jailers may subject people arrested for minor offenses to invasive strip searches, siding with security needs over privacy rights.

By a 5-4 vote Monday, the court ruled against a New Jersey man who complained that strip searches in two county jails violated his civil rights.

Justice Anthony Kennedy said in his majority opinion for the court's conservative justices that when people are going to be put into the general jail population, "courts must defer to the judgment of correctional officials unless the record contains substantial evidence showing their policies are an unnecessary or unjustified response to problems of jail security."

In a dissenting opinion joined by the court's liberals, Justice Stephen Breyer said strip searches improperly "subject those arrested for minor offenses to serious invasions of their personal privacy."
Do we really need to do research in order to figure out who the 5 and who the 4 were? So libertarians the next time you are rectally-probed following that speeding ticket or unpaid petty fine, just remember to "bend over and think of the 'penumbra' of privacy rights you managed to get rid of."


pansypoo said...

who would george washington strip search?

Anonymous said...

Was the Governor of New Jersey riding in the police car and given the opportunity to frisk the arrested? Somewhere I recall that's a perk of office in New Jersey. Now what party did that governor belong to...?

Anonymous said...

How soon before the cops are arresting every hottie they see and bringing them back to the station for a search. Get 4 or 5 and put them in a lineup too.

Ebon Krieg said...

Ben is spinning...

T Beck said...

The so-called "libertarians" never imagine they will be the ones undergoing what they blithely don't care happens to anyone else. And the conservatives actively want it to happen to the sort of people they assume it will happen to (i.e., scary brown folk).